I don't see any rules clinics.

You must register, get a username and password, and login to the site before you will be able to view any clinics or presentations.  This is done so that the system can track your progress as you view the presentation and give you credit when you complete it (if you have met any deadline requirements.)

How do I register to get a username and password?

Click here - Create a New Account

Be sure to enter a valid email address and select the school or officials association(s) with which you are affiliated.

I've forgotten my password.

Click here - Request a New Password

You will be emailed instructions for resetting your password.

Can I use someone else's account to view a presentation?

No - each user must create their own account and login with that account to watch the presentation in order to receive credit.

Click here to Create a New Account

I've changed schools or officials' associations, how do I make sure I get the proper credit with my new organization?

You can update your current school or association under My Account after you login.

Will I receive a confirmation email when I complete the clinic?

No. Due to problems with incorrect email addresses and spam filters, we are no longer sending confirmation emails upon the successful completion of a clinic.  If you need to prove that you completed a clinic, you can download a certificate after you have completed the clinic.  You may then print it or email it to your school or association.

Can I stop and then resume watching a clinic later?

We recommend that you watch a clinic in one sitting in order to minimize the chance for problems to occur.  However, should the need arise, you should be able to stop a presentation, even leave the site, and then come back and resume the presentation later.  However, for rules clinics, you must complete the clinic before the deadline.  No credit will be awarded just for starting the clinic before the deadline.

Can I view the presentations on an iPad or iPhone ?

The presentations should now play on Apple mobile devices.

Can I view the presentations on an Android Phone or Tablet ?

The presentation should now play on Android mobile devices.

The presentation is stuck or repeating the same slide (and will not continue to load)

  • This situation could be due to an incomplete copy of the presentation is stuck in your browser's cache. If this is the case, the video will never fully buffer/load in this state.You can attempt to resolve the situation and restart the video's buffering (loading) by clearing your browser's cache. To clear your browser's cache, follow the instructions listed here.
  • If after clearing your browser's cache, the presentation still will not play completely, you might want to check the stability of your internet connection. An unstable internet connection could be a reason for which the presentation will not load / buffer completely. You'll need a broadband connection with at least 500+Kbps for the best viewing experience. You might have to view the presentation on another computer and/or at another location.
  • Please do not attempt to view the presentations over a dial-up Internet connection. The presentation files are very large and will not play properly over a dialup connection.

When I click Start, I get a message that says "Javascript is not enabled on this browser"

Javascript is required in order to view the presentations on this website. To enable Javascript on your browser, follow the instructions listed here.

I'm getting a message that says "The presentation does not appear to be communicating with the website properly."

This may also be caused by some Anti-Virus programs - try disabling your Anti-Virus software before viewing the presentation.

Another suggestion is to try a different browser - especially if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer (version 9 or below) - try Chrome or Firefox.

I've completed the presentation, but the status still shows Incomplete.

You may not have allowed the last slide to complete. Try resuming the presentation and letting the last slide complete - the presentation should automatically return to the status page and show as Completed.

Some antivirus programs will block the clinic from tracking your progress - McAfee WebAdvisor is known to do this, for example.  Please disable any antivirus extensions while viewing a clinic.