This website requires Javasript in order to view the presentations.

To find out how to enable Javascript, click your browser:


Enable JavaScript  in Internet Explorer

  1. From the "Tools" menu or icon, click "Internet Options".
  2. Select the "Security" tab
  3. Click the "Custom level..." button
  4. Look for the "Scripting" section
  5. Select "Enable" on "Active Scripting"
  6. When the "Warning!" window pops up, click "Yes"
  7. Click OK


Enable Javascript in Firefox

(Most newer versions of Firefox enable Javascript by default - but for older versions try the following)

  1. From the "Tools" menu, select "Options...".
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. Check the "Enable Javascript" checkbox
  4. Click OK


Enable JavaScript in Safari
  1. From the Safari menu, click "Edit", then "Preferences"
  2. Select the "Security" tab
  3. In the section "Web content", check the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox


Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome

  1. Click the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" menu button (in some versions, there is an icon looks like a wrench) or in newer versions look for "Settings"
  2. Click "Show advanced settings..."
  3. Under the "Privacy" section, click the "Content settings..." button
  4. Select "Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)"